10 Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Manager

Business owners are busy people. They have companies to run and staff to manage, and because of this, posting on social media is usually one of the first pieces to drop when days get busy. Check out this outline of how hiring an outside social media manager can help you grow your business in a world of continuously-changing social media strategies and trends.

  1. Ensuring a consistent posting schedule:
    1. When individuals on social media follow your accounts, you have the opportunity to speak directly to potential consumers and clients. A consistent presence on social media is imperative for building a relationship with your following and turning followers into leads and clients. Hiring an outside social media manager allows you to remove the detailed tasks of social media management from your plate while ensuring that it is still accomplished.
  2. Experience in social media advertisements:
    1. Social media advertisements function differently on each social platform, and can be detailed and nuanced. In order to ensure that your advertisements are performing to their highest capability, hire a social media manager to make sure they are not only set up properly, but also that you are spending your ad budget efficiently and effectively.
  3. Understanding ways of creating content that will appeal to your target market:
    1. While social media content definitely falls under the Marketing umbrella, traditional marketing content and social media content are implemented very differently. Creating content that appeals to your target market requires a deep understanding of not only what platforms your target audiences are on, but also what kind of content they engage with. Make sure that the person managing your company’s social media accounts has experience in developing specific content for your company on various social platforms.
  4. Focusing on strategies that will grow your following:
    1. Building off the idea above, approaching social media content without a strategy can waste valuable time and money. Having an experienced social media manager allows them to understand what strategies and approaches work on different social platforms, and translates that experience into growing your following.
  5. Turn followers into customers:
    1. One of the most powerful aspects of social media is that you can turn followers into customers. It requires time, strategic branding, consistency, and most importantly, understanding how to market your product or service to followers in order to influence a purchasing decision. Social media marketing looks different for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) industries, so it’s important to ensure that you have a social media manager who not only understands your industry, but also how to market your business to the greater social community.
  6. Unloading work from your busy schedule:
    1. As a business owner or manager, you have endless decisions and tasks for keeping your business functioning. While social media is an important aspect of your company’s marketing strategy, you most likely don’t have time to manage all the details associated with building a successful social media presence. By hiring an outside social media manager, you not only unload the stress from your workload, but you also don’t take away valuable time from your employees by delegating the social management within your team.
  7. Having content planned out in advance:
    1. Content planning and strategies are imperative for success on social media. By delegating the management of your social accounts to a social media professional, you ensure that your content is planned out in advance and focused towards a greater marketing strategy within each platform.
  8. Aligning your company’s social media with your other marketing strategies:
    1. Your social media manager should be in close communication with your marketing team to ensure that everyone is aligned on the same mission and goals for the overall marketing efforts. Even though these two parties should be in communication, it is still important to have a professional managing your social accounts that has the expertise and experience in the various social platforms.
  9. Implementing strategies that will drive traffic to your website:
    1. While growing a following and the number of likes and shares on posts are important, all of the social media efforts should be in service of gaining and converting leads. One of the most effective ways to do so is by driving traffic to your company’s website so they can learn more about the company and lead them to a purchasing decision. All of your digital presence should work together and compliment each other, including your social media and website content.
  10. Create stronger brand positioning with your consumers:
    1. One of the largest goals of social media marketing is brand awareness. Most people are not going to see one post from your company and suddenly buy your product, but social media acts as a relationship-building marketing tool to eventually lead people to work with or buy from your company. It is a direct line of communication with your consumers, which is more difficult to achieve with other marketing efforts.

Here at JDGD, we have years of experience managing social media for clients across multiple industries. If you’re interested in how a strategic approach to social media can benefit your business, we’d love to have a free, no obligation meeting with you to discuss goals for your company. Learn more about our team, and contact us today.