Water Heater Pro Website

The owner of Water Heater Pros came to JDGD with a good problem to have, they were extremely busy and decided to open a new location. The addition of a new physical location not only means expansion of staff and the sales area it also means they could create a new website with a different URL. Doing this will not only allow Water Heater Pros to expand their brand identity into a new area of Sacramento, CA, but it also allows them to go after previously unrealized sales opportunities in the new market. Building the new site is only the start of the process, we have to optimize the site for a new location, add new Citation listings with the new NAP (Name Address and Phone) information, and begin to advertise the site with a combination of display and remarking ads. As you see, we are developing a long term growth strategy that is unique to their brand needs at this point in time.